The P20 Lab is always seeking willing volunteers interested in improving the education of Kentucky’s students. There are several ways to volunteer your time, including just contacting your local school and asking how you can be helpful. Participating in the schools in your local community is perhaps the best way to directly impact student learning near you.

Those interested in volunteering directly with the P20 Lab can get involved in several ways and we ask that you contact our Volunteer Director, Liz Kellen for more information.

Ideas for Volunteering toward Innovation

  1. Organize local efforts toward innovation and let us know the results.
  2. Form a group on this site or through other organizations (such as professional organizations) that collectively discusses and investigates innovative practices.
  3. Contact a lab to volunteer on specific initiatives or research projects.
  4. Create and share online content linked to the Common Core standards using video (KET can help show you how).
  5. Develop a voice for innovation in your community.  Spread the word online, through local news outlets, and to your friends and neighbors.
  6. Support innovative leaders in your local community and across the state.